February 2015 Favorites

Let’s take a look back at favorites for February

Favorite Instagram account is fieldguided. I try to only mention accounts people have never heard of, but even if half of the readers of this blog already follow, it’s worth mentioning to those that are not familiar with Anabela’s dreamy feed. I love it because there is pink, lots of cats, bath bombs, and such a magical feed. Plus Anabela is just an all around wonderful person to follow. 

Favorite music is Colleen Green. This is one of the reasons I love subscribing to Rdio- it recommends new music for me, and knows me so well. I don’t like automatically jumping to comparisons for an artist but I can’t help but think of Best Coast and the Ramones when I listen to CG. It just came out last Tuesday, but I can’t help already making it a favorite. It’s a fun, pop, mix with a little grunge. The first song reminds me of Hole but as I kept listening, I couldn’t help but tap and sing along with her catchy chorus’. 

Favorite purchase was my Inkwell Planner. After I saw Ashley TIA’s video on it, I ordered one and I love it. It changed my life seems very dramatic but I can’t leave that part out. It really has changed my quality of life. My favorite part besides the organization is the pages, pages, pages of notes. There is so much writing and so many blank pages, I’m able to do a little scrapbooking with it. I don’t want to go to much into why I love it here but I plan to blog about it in more detail. It definitely deserves it’s own highlighted post. 

Favorite (unexpected) book is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite book of the month, but it’s my a book I didn’t think I’d like at first. I was ready to put it down after a few pages, but as a personal challenge, I decided to keep reading. Someone recommend this book to me after I told them I liked Harry Potter. It’s a book about a perfect prom queen high schooler, Harper Price, who’s life goal is Cotillion and other “southern belle” events. She ends up in a strange situation where she becomes an wizard assassin. Weird, right? I don’t want to give anything away but while the whole story seems so ridiculous, but the writer makes it work. It’s fantasy meets sci fi meets chick lit meets YA. I told you it was unexpected!

Here's to March 2015!