The Joy of Specs

I always talk about minimizing and this is a good place to start, I’m pulling off the band aid right where it hurts. I’m saying goodbye to my glasses collection but not without a few photos to immortalize them. They’ve been there to style me when other accessories weren’t enough, they’ve been in backgrounds of numerous instagram photos to style with, and most importantly they’ve been there to express myself. They’ve also been there to hide. When I didn’t feel comfortable with my face, I would use glasses as a distraction. The more comfortable I become with myself, the less I hide. 

Last year I found a pair of glasses from Bon Look I love so much, I stopped rotating my other pair and bought in another color. They are the perfect fit of masculine with a feminine hint and they compliment my face rather than hide. Another reason I had so many glasses was because my face would go from wide to thin over the years like my weight and so did my style of glasses. My new pair are universally fit to any size face and there’s no need to constantly change styles (or diets, ha.) Another benefit of letting go of my glasses is someone else will need them. I remember how difficult my legally blind prescription was to get to slim down in a pair of glasses (and for years contacts didn't go up that high in prescription). You can donate your old pair here Lions Club, and All About Vision.