San Francisco- The Food!

I haven't been to San Francisco in years and since my trip was last minute, I was overwhelmed with Yelp, Foursquare and Swarm reviews. I turned to Instagram and it didn't fail me! Thank you so much for the recommendations. 

Maryam and I went to Super Duper, located in The Marina neighborhood. We found this place on a whim and those places are usually the best locations. We were short on time and this looked like the closest place before we hit traffic on the way back to our hotel. You can't have a name like Super Duper and not have it be hyped but thankfully, it lived up to the name. I loved the burger and they offered veggie burgers. I had a Mexican Coke (something I haven't had in months) and it was the perfect combo to a long day of walking. We finished off our meal with organic homemade soft serve. Super Duper is located at 2203 Chestnut. 

Eli and Brinton recommended Craftsman + Wolves. I didn't try their famous Rebel Within (a soft boiled egg in a muffin) but I did have their croissant sandwich with fresh cut pork. It was one of the best sandwiches I had and the staff was very helpful. Craftsman + Wolves is located at 746 Valencia (down the street from 826 Valencia, which was closed when we visited but be sure to stop by there as well!) 

Christina and Natalie recommended Tartine Bakery. We opted for the pumpkin pie, it was a perfect day for fall. It was chilly and the pie was a good combo with the buttery crust and smooth pumpkin puree texture. Tartine Bakery is located at 600 Guerrero Street. 

We went across town to Saint Frank's next. I really have to thank Charissa for the recommendation. I wish this coffee shop could have it's own dedicated post but sadly I didn't take enough photos, but that just means I was enjoying myself too much to think of my camera. The location was beautiful and it was designed really well- every seat was taken but it didn't look crowded. It looks like a futuristic coffee shop, it was modern and stark but still had a warm welcoming vibe to it. The presentation was beautiful, the staff was really sweet, and the coffee was just as good. Saint Frank is located at 2340 Polk Street. 

We ended our day with clam chowder on Pier 39. I can't remember the name of the location, but you will find tons of clam chowder cafe's in the area. 

It was a delicious day and thank you everyone for the recommendations. For reference, they were recommended on my Instagram and you can check out what other people recommended here. I can't wait to go back to try more food! 

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