Skincare, Aging and Hormones (part 2!)

Part one is here!  I have to note it’s not just the products used here have made my skin better. Since I began elimination dieting, I don’t have flare ups and my skin has calmed down with inflammation. While these products do help and prolong the plumpness of my skin, I will recommend a dermatologist to help your skin care needs and clean food to help heal from the inside. 

The last time I shared my skincare routine, I was very pregnant and my skin has completely changed. Postpartum recovery, the grief that once took over my life, the trauma to my nerves on my injured foot, and eating poorly really showed on my skin for a few months. I have psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema and if I’m not taking care of myself from the inside, all three combined show themselves on the outside causing dermatitis. It’s gross, painful and makes me self concious. 

I use a lot of Kiehl’s products because my dermatologist recommended it. They use high quality ingredients, they’re great for sensitive skin and since I began using them, along with eating better, I rarely have flareups. In the morning I don’t wash my face. I know it seems dirty but the night before I already washed, moisturized my skin and I think clean oily skin is a good thing. After working on women on all ages with all kinds of skin in cosmetology school, one thing was proven universal- you are going to want that clean oil when you’re older. I’m not talking about the oil that builds up after going to bed with your old makeup on, but the clean natural oil skin produces overnight. I keep it in the morning and don't wash it off. 

I use Kieh’s Skin Rescuer to hydrate the skin to start the day. It’s not a moisturizer- it’s a hydrator. Wait, what?? Moisturizer works topically, a hydrator gets deeper in the skin. Hormones, not drinking enough water, weather, and stress make skin lose hydration and years of just covering it up with a moisturizer doesn’t get to the core of it. When I use a hydrator, my moisturizer works better, my makeup lasts longer, my natural redness disapears on first application, my moisturizer isn’t as slick, and my skin just feels better. I still apply my vitamin c and sunscreen but I’ve added an eye cream from Supergoop! that has a sunscreen in it. It doesn't make my eyes water like most! 

skincare on ourcitylights-21.jpg

At night I remove my makeup with Korres Yoghurt 3 in 1. It’s gentle, soothing, and not as much of a shock like putting real greek yogurt (yep, I tried that). I wash my face with Laura Mercier cleansing oil and use the Mia 3. i did have the Mia 2 but after 6 years of using it every night, it finally went out on me. And yes, I still use the delicate brush. I use the Rosa Arctica moisturizer to calm down redness, and I dab it on places I’d normally get a flare up like my hands and feet. 

These are the things that work for me and I'm so excited to see the changes in my temperamental and sensitive skin I hope it helps someone dealing with the same.