Handmade Valentine's Gift Round Up

I've been introduced to a lot of great independent shops and bonus they are run by women. Here are some I've met and they are perfect for Valentine's Day. From shirts, prints, cards and even the perfect nail polish to make your Valentine's Day (or what I love to call it- my favorite shopping time of the year because HEARTS ON EVERYTHING), I got you covered. Treat yourself! Order early to get yours in time! 

1. Baci Shirt from Studio Mucci- known for making tassel garlands, Studio Mucci now makes t shirts as adorable and colorful as the rest of their shop. 

2. Open Heart Ring from Moorea Seal- I'm a big fan of the nickel-free, allergy friendly pieces by Fresh Tangerine. 

3. Palate Polish in Sugar Cookie- Pink is a neutral, right? This is a staple. 

4. Long Stem Roses by Candelles- Candelles never fails to come up with amazing scents you can't find elsewhere. If you want the scent of long stemmed roses to last forever, they make it in a candle form! 

5. Sweet As Pie Card by Odd Daughter - The pie loving Danielle would love this card! 

6. You + Me from BubbyAndBean- I've received one of Melissa's cards in the mail and always so impressed by her quality! This one is adorable, not just for Valentine's but just to say I love you.

7. Vegan Cuticle Oil by Pepper Pot- prep that manicure with this oil.

8. You're a Catch Card by XO LP- Cheeky and adorable. I always love a good pun. So punny :P 

9. Jane Austen quote by Rebecca Caridad- I love Jane Austen and I'll admit I want this print for my home. How beautiful would it be on a bookshelf or even a nursery. 

10. Concrete Heart Necklace by LittleEli- this is one of the coolest things I've seen. It's a combination of tough and sweet. 



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