A Short Giraffe with Bows

I was given the OK to wear regular shoes finally. No more boot cast or orthopedic shoe! I've been waiting to wear my Kate Spade booties for some time and as soon as a Gwynnie Bee dress arrived, it's a good reason to break them in, swelling and all! I noticed my right (injured) leg leans a little out and my legs look weird but I'm not complaining, I can stand on my two legs without screaming bloody murder, so I'll take the weird looking leg.  

I'm trying out Gwynnie Bee, it's another rental service I'm using for my wardrobe while I'm in the process of weight loss. So far I've switched sizing twice, meaning I have to delete each item in my digital closet (I have over 100!) and re-add them in my size. Not a bad problem to have but kind of annoying. 

I've always wanted to try a body-con dress (and one in a crazy giraffe print) and I can try it out and send it back when I'm done with it. Gwynnie Bee launders and sanitizes all the clothing sent and shipping is free! Exchange as much as you want. More exchanges means never wearing the same thing twice (unless I really love it and keep it for longer) and that means more outfit posts! Sorry not sorry! 

This dress is great if you want to be comfortable but if you're self conscious of your hips and what others may consider "problem areas", then don't try it. I don't think dressing should be based on what looks flattering. Just wear it! Detailsbooties, Gwynnie Bee dress, bracelet, watch