Fall Bedroom Before and After

I found some older photos of my house before it was decorated. It's surreal to see it so empty. Everything from the fixtures to floors have been replaced. The decor is the same as it was since I took the "after" photos and for good reason- it's a classic color and I've yet to get sick of it. 

Now, we've made it our own. My bedroom will never be as clean as it was when I first began decorating it. It's been featured here and here on my thoughts on one of my favorite rooms, and I always think of these photos when I bring out the autumn-inspired comforters. I've never featured my own photos on my blog so I'd love to have this in the archive when I look back at what we've done to the house. We've added a treadmill, installed a walk-in closet, it was a nursery at one point, and I've decorated my vanity area. These photos are Pinterest-worthy, but trust me, it's a mess at the moment. 


Most of the time, I have an all-white comforter set. I love all white for one reason- it's low maintenance. If something needs to get replaced, instead of searching for a matching set, I just replace it with anything else that's white. Plus regardless of the color, we wash our comforter and sheets once a week. We love texture with it, it adds depth to monotone color. We got our set from Macy's and they're on clearance right now- I may pick up a couple more pieces, they're my favorite so far. The lamps are from Crate and Barrel. I've had them for three years and I'm not getting sick of them anytime soon. The bedding is from zgallerie, but I can't find this particular style. 


I should also note, my bed is rarely made. A beautiful white pile of linens is much more cozier. 

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