Cool Story, Poe

Forget zombies, ghosts or witches. Edgar Allan Poe wins for Halloween. He's creepy for marrying his 13 year old cousin, and writing The Raven, one of the darkest poems ever written. As despondent as it is, the poem is beautifully composed. If Poe were alive today, he'd make millions on just his iconic look. His face is plastered everywhere from the USPS stamp to bags! Below are my favorite items

+ I love this Poe-ka dot clutch from Out of Print Clothing. I've used it a few times myself and it's always a great way to get strangers talking. 

+ If your nails need the ultimate RBF and Poe doesn't disappoint. Nail wraps from Oosha Wraps.

+ Show off how much of a groupie you are for Poe in this shirt and this one from Plasticland. 

+ One thing I've learned over the years are lunchboxes can be used as storage, not just for lunch. How cool would the Poe lunchbox to store your makeup or camera lenses? LOVE.

+ Kawaii Poe! Pillow from telahmarie on etsy

+ Even TOMS can look creepy with a little Poe. From HeartsnSoles on etsy

+ Book as an iPhone charger by Uncommonandnice  

+ Nestle your Poe book collection in between these raven bookends, conveniently titled "Nevermore"

+ Tokyo Milk makes a fragrance dedicated to the poet. My first assumption was it would smell like death, but tea leaves, autumn apples and amberwood sound cozy. 

+ Edgar Allan Stow Tote

With over a century and a half since his death, he still keeps it creepy. 

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