July 2014 Favorites

Let's take a look back at favorites for July.

Favorite Instagram feed is emricchini. For that cliche saying, "There's beauty in the simplicity", Erika is the perfect example of this quote. I like seeing creativity and styled photos in the every day. By now, I would think I"m tired of shots of feet, flowers, selfies, and whatever else Instagram is flooded with but she makes the mundane work for her, which works for me. There's a moody creativity in Erika's photos and I'm happy to share her feed as my favorite. 

Favorite purchase was my Zoku popsicle maker. I'm staying healthy and making my own popsicles beats a pint of ice cream. Although, I'd love the ice cream over the homemade popsicles any day, but I'm just being real here. Those days are long gone and I'm making the most of it. Instead of eating my feelings and feeling the sugar rush cut off, this is a great alternative that doesn't make me feel like I could cut someone from the lack of ice cream in the house. It's easy clean up, easy recipes and it doesn't take up much space. Plus the whole ice cream thing. 

Favorite book is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I've mentioned his Virgin Suicides book before as one of the best books I've read. I had low expectations of Middlesex- there is no way Eugenides would beat the wordy affair I had with Virgin Suicides. I'm not DONE with the book and I'm naming it a favorite book for July. I read 6 books in July. This is how amazing and powerful this book is. After reading a few passages, I had to take a moment and catch my breath because I didn't realize I was holding it. I never imagined I'd have my breath taken away by reading, but I have and Middlesex does this to me. And no, it wasn't the lack of ice cream. 

Favorite album was The Voyager by Jenny Lewis. I wish this album came out in the beginning of summer. It's the perfect summer soundtrack. Anything Jenny Lewis does, or anyone from Rilo Kiley, I love. Besides the amazing cover album, and the fact she is Jenny Lewis, this album is relaxing, has angry love ballads but when she put them to her music, it's still magical.

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