Teadrops- Rethinking Tea

This is a paid partnership but it's a brand I 100% support, love and recommend and I hope you will, too

I love the idea of tea. However, every time I brew it, I'm off on the timing, the measuring, and I don't know how hot to make the water for certain teas. I love the benefits I'm sipping of tea, I know I could get more out of a leaf if I brewed it correctly. And I love Teadrops for this. Sashee, who grew up drinking tea her whole life, made it so much easier for people like me. No measuring, no timing, no worries about the temperature. Teadrops is tea formed in single serving designs with organic sugar. 

I tried them this morning, currently sipping and writing this blog post, and it tastes like tea should taste like. It's really easy to do, I feel silly explaining it. You add a Teadrop to the bottom of your cup, pour hot water, and enjoy. I love the sustainable packaging, Sashee's passion for changing the way we view tea, and my favorite part is they're all made here in California, by hand. I have so much love for Sashee and this company, I don't think I'm going back to plain tea leaves anytime soon. 

There's a giveaway on Instagram right now if you'd like a chance to win! 

You can buy from Teadrops directly on their page, get updated on news on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, Sashee for making such a quality product.