Opening Day at Anaheim Packing District

I went to the opening day at the Anaheim Packing House. I remember 2 years ago talking to a historical volunteer, standing in a city building, looking down on the balcony at an empty lot. He said they wanted to restore the packing house and hopefully in a year or two it would be full of shops and people. I had no idea two years later he would be right. Not only is there a restored historical building, but good food, a brewery, to name a couple things.

We tried Orange Tei, a ramen and sushi restaurant and the name "Orange" is a throwback to the packing house. The ramen has hints of citrus and so far, it's my favorite place to eat in the packing house.

We also picked up a popsicle from Pop Bar. Normally I wouldn't recommend a popsicle that costs $5 but this isn't just a regular watered down sugary treat. These are handmade with yogurt and gelato and they offer vegan options. I picked up the chocolate and it tastes like a crisp brownie on a stick- amazing! I would recommend this place and standing in line for a few minutes was worth it. 

My personal favorite place was Studio La Fleur. It's based out of Costa Mesa and they set up their own shop at the packing house. So far, I've been twice and loved it every time (see here and here). I tell them what my budget is and I tell them I want flowers that will last me the week. They not only get creative, but they've lasted me longer than a week the first time. It costs more than Trader Joe's but I get a one of a kind bouquet made and I'm supporting local. 

Anaheim Packing House

440 S Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805

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