Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling. 

I love my shirt from  Jawbreaking . However, when I wore this it was Wednesday, ha! 

I love my shirt from Jawbreaking. However, when I wore this it was Wednesday, ha! 

+ Ada strikes again

+ I love this Instagram account

+ I joined the Birkenstock trend and I have no regrets! They are so comfortable and my back and sciatica pain has calmed down so much since I began wearing them. Trendy or not, they are some serious orthopedic shoes.

+ This is the last week to order Wes Anderson shirts from American Laundromat records, get it today while you can. 

+ Smocking Birds, a baby shop in OC Mart, had their grand re-opening. I purchased Max's first "outfit" there with a few more pieces. I would love to visit again to check out the new place! 

+ Seeking Your Authentic Self is Like Looking for a Unicorn 

+ I'm selling my shoes that no longer fit on Instagram. One of the ones I'm letting go are these wonderful By Paige shoes for under $40, barely worn. The bids end Sunday, get your bid on here if you're a size 7! I'll be purging more as I find more! 

+ Love love the ABM ladies photo diaries of their last vacation here and here

+ The Palm Springs vacation photos from Danielle makes me want to go back!

+ Friday night pizza night (not clean eating approved but gluttony approved). There is a quinoa mac and cheese with some vegan cheese, maybe it may work? I'll get back to you on this. 

+ If you make the real thing- try this to detox with it. 

+ I don't know the original source, but all the heart eyes for this 

+ Happy Friday! 

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