Getaway; The Saguaro in Palm Springs

I've been wanting to stay at this hotel for years since I saw it on Rubyellen's blog. Overall I liked it. It's a novelty but it also had good customer service. We explored the hotel and each day we did we found something new. Across the street is Native Foods, an OC vegan friendly favorite! There's also a grocery store down the street and the room provides an empty fridge. We were able to eat healthier with those options. 

This is what I pulled up to- even the exterior was magical.

The lobby and interior were inviting and look at the pink air conditioner!

Our room was orange and yellow theme. I would have loved the pink room but I can't discriminate against anything colorful and bright. It even featured a purple carpet. It was a Laker's fan come true- yellow and purple

There was also the pool with the views of the vibrant hotels. I know there's so many photos of this scene but I can't help it!! You're probably thinking ok, enough with the color. we get it. you love it. STOP. NEVER!!!!!

Just a quick note- I'll be closing down comments for now. I haven't had a chance to blog much let alone reply and visit other commenter's blog. It doesn't seem fair and I noticed most of the community build is either Twitter or Instagram. It's one less thing to worry about in this hectic time. Thanks for understanding!