April 2014 Favorites

Let's take a look back at favorites for April 2014

Favorite Instagram feed is sophlog. Her feed is a California dream. Her view of California is the most colorful and amusing I've seen yet. I've seen hundreds of photos of In n Out but I never imagined a shot of a burger and fries look so dreamy. 

Favorite purchase would be scribd. I feel a little guilty getting this because I'm such huge supporter of libraries and libraries now offer Overdrive, a FREE library of digital books. I wanted scribd because not all the books I want on digital are on Overdrive, just like not all the physical books I want to read are readily available at my library. It's like netflix, but for books! 

Favorite moment was a mix of beautiful memories I have now. I met Kate Gabrielle, Cassie, Ashlee and her family, childhood friends visited from Florida (hi, Janelle!) and I celebrated Aline becoming a bride soon! I've had tough moments, heard sad news, seen friends struggle, but through it all, it seems the year becomes more and more hopeful. It has to go up once it's gone down, right? 

Favorite music has been anything from The Rocket Summer. I feel like I'm in college all over again. The best way to describe Bryce Avary's music? Imagine every motivational and hopeful Pinterest poster quote in one album. You can listen to The Rocket Summer on rdio or spotify. 

Here's to May 2014!