Let's Partner in Spring 2014

March 20 is the last day to partner up and sponsor with ourcitylights! After March 20, the first day of Spring, you'll have to wait until June. I do ads by season. This gives me a chance to really get to know my sponsor, help them grow in their business, and share what I genuinely love about them. I only do one partner genre at a time, that's why it's good to come at me early! For example, what are the chances there's another awesome candles shop like my partner Candelles, but if there is, I can't work with that other soy candle company. Ya, feel me? You get the full spot. It's fair for the business with no competition on my blog. I also have every right to turn away a sponsor if I don't think it's a good fit. You can check buy them here and use code hellospring for an additional 20% off. 

For Instagram, giveaways, reviews, or any other platform besides the blog side banners, please email me [diana @ ourcitylights. org]