LOL Disposable Camera Challenge

Katie from Skunkboy Creatures has a fun disposable camera challenge. I've had the disposable LOL Cam sitting in my drawer for a couple years (and thankfully the battery didn't die out!) Coincidentally, I first used it when I was in Santa Barbara and finished the roll 2 years later in SB. I love "full circle" connections!

I should point out I normally get my film done from Dwayne's and Old School Photo Lab but for something quick like this, I did go to Walgreens per Katie's recommendation. My roll was off either because of the film winding or the Walgreens guy didn't cut it right. Either way, I love them even if they're a little off center. It highlights the weird! 

You can see them all here and there's even a flickr group dedicated to the camera

The camera is sold out but there are different variations of the camera here and here