New Camera Bag; Review of The Lula from Theit Bags

I love my Kelly Moore camera bag but I wanted something with more room. I've used diaper bags before to protect my gear (seriously, they work when you're in quick need), but with experience, I recommend investing in a great camera bag. There are so many out there, but rare as stylish as the one from Theit Bags, The Lula bag designed from one of my favorite blogger, Jen Lula. I've been looking for a bigger one for years, and I knew this was the one. I ordered it late last year and it has been worth the wait. It's even more beautiful in person! I wear all black, and I wanted to tone down the goth girl vibe a bit, so I chose the coral color. 

Yes, it's beautiful but it's very functional. The padding is so thick, and I feel comfortable leaving my most expensive lenses in the bag alone without their cases, but not thick enough that adds excess weight to my shoulder. They're also removable, I can customize it according to what I'll be carrying that day.

Those cute front pockets work, and there is a zipped large pocket on the back, as well as inside the bag. What I love best about it is it doesn't look like a camera bag- it's adorable! But don't let the cuteness fool you, it really is a workhorse! It can fit everything I want. 

In my camera bag-  Canon 70D ,  18mm lens ,  Lensbaby ,  Powershot S95 , extra film,  pancake lens ,  Diana camera , mini tripod, extra SD cards, extra battery,  light bounce  and SD card reader. I also fit my iPad Mini in the back pocket. So much room!

In my camera bag- Canon 70D, 18mm lens, Lensbaby, Powershot S95, extra film, pancake lens, Diana camera, mini tripod, extra SD cards, extra battery, light bounce and SD card reader. I also fit my iPad Mini in the back pocket. So much room!

I did notice there was this weird line going across the top flap of the bag. It doesn't bother me, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning since the bag is a little pricey. I already emailed them and I'll update the post with their reply. The rest of the details are well made and even though I've only used it for a day, I can tell it will take a few beatings while still looking great.

*** UPDATE! ***

I emailed Theit bags and they replied within 24 hours (within a few hours I emailed them actually). The line on the bag is a fold/wrinkle from the material, and it will go away overtime. They've never had a mark or defect, and they stood by their bag quality, they offered me a new one with the exchange I send the current one back. Honestly, I don't want to wait another day without my bag and since the fold will go away overtime, it's even better news since it didn't bother me to begin with but I can see it bother others. Plus I want to make sure I'm honest on everything I love and recommend. After the email with Nicole from Theit, it makes me love the company even more. I should also mention the bag isn't leather but a very strong resistant higher quality synthetic. I actually prefer it, because leather has more maintenance, this material feel like it could outlast some of my cameras. 

I totally recommend this bag. I trust Jen as a mom, a blogger, a photographer and as a friend. I know she wouldn't put her name on something she didn't believe in, and she wrote about the collaboration process. Another blogger I love, Brandy, was also involved with working with Theit bags and I trust her standards as well. After testing out this bag, this is something I love, too. Get your own Lula bag here! More photos here.