Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling

+ As I was reading blogs in email subscriptions- this blog post in particular, I grabbed the mail. Included was Everett's valentine card. It was such a cute, serendipitous moment. I have baby pictures of him on my fridge and it's a gift to see him grow into a little man. 

+ If you're local, Portola Coffee is donating $1 to CHD Awareness from every coffee purchase today only.

+ Before The Selby and Apartment Therapy, there were the original Brooklyn hipsters.

+ Marc Jacobs is taking social currency over cash money. WHAT.

+ If my cheap IKEA desk breaks (which could be any day), I'd love to do this. 

+ Eco-concious shopping: a beginner's guide.

+ Until Feb 9, Lomography is offering buy one get on free Diana Mini camera with code VALENTINEOFFER. 

+ It's Friday, pizza night! 

+ This was a good message for me, I promise I'll take a few hours to devote to emailing and replying to comments. Bloggers, Talk to your Readers.

+ I just watched Austenland, and loved the soundtrack. The voice sounded familiar and I knew it was Emmy The Great, an artist I've been listening to for years. So happy she's on her way up! Listen here, watch it here

+ I didn't organize my week for blogging and once I was off one day, I was off the rest of the week. I felt a little crazy not doing anything but I'm back on track and have my schedule set. I also read this opposing but powerful post. It made me realize everything I write here, whether it's a fun review, a post about Max, or a link to a recipe, I'd love to do this all for you. The emails and comments I get tell me I'm on the right track. I have no idea how else to give back when I'm trying to nurture myself, but it's a path I'd love to be on. 

Have a great weekend!