What Helped Me in Whole30

Whole30 is hard. When you've had a diet of sugar, bread and fast food and going cold turkey to healthy is hard. But just like anything else, practice makes perfect. To help you get through the bitchy days when you just want to spiralize your head, here are some tips that helped me and hope they help you too! 

  • Prep, prep, prep. And prep some more. Get a gallon ziplock bags and fill them with shredded sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and basically anything through the food processor/spiralizer for one day to make enough for the week. Make a lot. You'll go through phases of constant hunger and you'll wonder how you finished so much (whole, fresh) food. Dice tomatoes, cube butternut squash, cute beets, do it all in one day. I also slow cooked a chicken for one day and at the end of the day, I would shred it to last for the week (I used this recipe). Add them to salads, eggs, hash browns. Make hard boiled eggs for the week. Do this all in one day, call it prep day, and have your family help out. It's so easy and saves so much time. 
  • Read the labels. Did you know most bacon has sugar in it? Because I didn't. I was so sad most of the nitrate-free bacon I purchased had almost as much sugar as soda. There was nowhere on the package that said "maple" or anything sugary, so watch out. I also learned my favorite organic guacamole from Costco also had sugar. Read the labels!
  • Get encouragement. Have a friend do it with you, or befriend someone online who is doing it too and text each other (I did the bold move of asking a girl for her number and we went from IG friends to texting buddies, no shame!) I texted friends who were doing it with me and I can't imagine my journey without them. 
  • Follow Whole30 Instagram accounts. I followed Teamwhole, Whole30recipes, and littlecoconutty. In between everyone posting beautiful photos of burgers, pizza and donuts, you'll need all the motivation you can get. 
  • Stop watching so much TV, and unfollow Pinterest boards that will discourage you. Obviously watch as much TV as you want, but I'm suggesting it because when I gave up TV for lent last year I remember how much weight I lost and how much weight I gained back when I watched it regularly. I slowed down on TV time. While I love Pinterest, if a dessert I saw put me in a spiral of bad moods, it wasn't worth it so I would unfollow for the time. 
  • Tessamae's. I wish I learned of these earlier. Tessamae's is an American company offering whole30 compliant dressings. I added them to everything and I plan on using them from now on. 
  • Apps. The Eating Whole app was a big help. It had a countdown and helped me see where I was. It also had recipes I used often. 
  • Track what ailments you have. When I realized I still had allergic-like reactions even halfway into eating these fresh foods, I went to an allergist and am taking care of things that needed a little more than whole30. 
  • Trader Joe's and Costco. They will be your second (and third) home away from home. We go through one Double Roasted Salsa from TJ's a week, and the two of the 5 pounds a spinach a week from Costco. 
  • Mason jar lids to poach eggs. Thank you, Pinterest! 
  • Coconut Milk. I get this kind when TJ's is sold out (they both have guar gum, fyi but it's not a sugar). Most of them have sugar, so make sure to read the labels. Add it to your coffee, to soups, to make anything creamy and awesome. 
  • Most importantly, read the book! I can't imagine just jumping into the deep end of the pool without learning how to swim. You have a right to know why you are you eating this way and it will give you a better understanding. 

Have fun, and good luck!