November 2014 Favorites

Let's take a look back at favorites for November

Favorite Instagram feed is ondressingup. I've known Ana for a few years. We had photo project 5 years ago, 6748 Miles Apart, where we documented our mornings together. I love Ana's photography, she has amazing travel adventures, and now I get to see them daily, along with her cheeky captions. 

Favorite music is Jessie Pitts. Yes, as in the contestant that was voted off this season's The Voice. I've never watched one of these voice competitions (seriously) and I wanted to watch The Voice because Gwen Stefani was one of the judges. I'm so happy I did, I discovered Jessie's beautiful and haunting voice. I hope she comes out with an album, I would fangirl out over it. (photo from her IG feed)

Favorite moment was walking. Well, it was with crutches but I wasn't able to walk and was stuck in a wheelchair since August. I have so much empathy now for people with chronic pain and others that have legit problems with their limbs. I'm hoping I can be walking by next month. That would be a Christmas miracle. 

Favorite purchase was the Kitchenaid Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Scott and I make our coffee every morning via single cup Koziol. We love it but we don't love coffee enough to wait 20 minutes for one cup. When we have people over, my personal nightmare is when they ask for coffee. I end up spending more time with the coffee than with them. We love our KitchenAid coffee maker. It's SCAA approved, has a timer and it's ready to go with delicous pour over coffee.

Here's to December 2014!