Pinrose Perfume

I haven't worn perfume in years and I miss it. When Pinrose, a California made perfume brand, emailed me to work together, I told them no. Why would I risk my to lids flare, my eyes to water, my cheeks to become inflamed and burn? They were confident of their natural product and sent me samples. We went back and forth for a few weeks, I tried it out and I almost finished their Petal Pack, oops! I was so excited to finally find a perfume, and especially one that fits my lifestyle. I feel honored working with a company that thinks beyond the commercial marketing of perfume.

Their perfume is made specifically for you (yes, you) in mind. They use a customized algorithm to match you. Take their scent quiz, to find out. I love how they also have playlists dedicated to the scent. Our favorite music expresses who we are and Pinrose uses that to help find your signature scent. Think of it like a favorite Pandora radio station, but for your scent. 

I really like Pinrose, I don't have to pay designer prices for a huge bottle that will sit on my vanity.  I love their Petal Packs best- they are small enough to carry everywhere and you can switch scents throughout the day. Take it on a date, to school, to work, or just have on you. My personal favorite was Renegade Starlet, a mix of gardenia, jasmine and Freesia. Get your own here

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