If you're new to this blog, Gadchick is a digital magazine all tech-related, cheekily named after "gadget" and combining "chick". It’s taken 2 years to have the 3rd issue out. It’s not even a full issue, it’s a “zine”. The content is light this issue because life has been heavy. I knew Gadchick was different when our tiny magazine was offered to be bought out. It was an insultingly low number, but made me realize something big was there. It also made me realize I didn't have what it took to run at the speed it was growing. We got an app out. A blog. We had best selling books and were even voted one of the best tech books. We did pretty good. We built an international following. Technology was moving too fast and for the first time I felt out of place. I took a break but now it's time to come back 

Gadchick had a strong start. The tech industry can seem intimidating and I wanted to make my own corner that someone like my mom didn't feel confused to read, but also someone like a Ruby developer to learn something new. I had people write all over the world, from Japan to my neighborhood thanking me for something like this. The funny part is, I made a huge mistake- uploading the wrong file for the first issue. It makes my stomach churn just looking back at it. Surprisingly, people loved it. Readers kept writing asking when the next issue would come out. It was an overwhelming great feeling, but also an overwhelming panic. I exhausted the only writers I had. I exhausted myself. 

Gadchick is a dream come true- I get to work and write about things I love- technology, science and gadgets. When my son died, it was enough to not ever want to open up another tech blog again, click on any links, close my laptop and anything gadget related I had no desire for. I still have a little flame burning for Gadchick, it’s just buried deep down, underneath the grief. I still want to work on Gadchick but I want to make it better, but in order to do this I need to make myself better. I’ll be a better boss, a better writer, just better.

So where does this leave Gadchick? The more I thought about it the more I realized it was silly to separate Gadchick and ourcitylights. This is a lifestyle blog (as much as that word makes me cringe) and it'll so much easier to combine. That means more tech related posts not just from me, but from our amazing writers and I'll be open to contributors. This is good news! I'm very excited for it and it's a huge relief. Thanks for following along!