Halloween Costumes for Plus Sized Babes

The last time I dressed up for Halloween (and I should mention it was the first time in over 20 years) I had the hardest time finding a one in my size. It seems there isn't much of an in-between and I can either throw on a white sheet and call me a ghost or throw on a white lingerie and call me a nurse. I want something balanced. I want something I can walk in and say "This is it!" without having to spend so much time and money on making it. I love DIY costumes but I have no shame in just walking in and purchasing store bought. Below are my favorites! 

1. Wonder Woman in skater dress. Do you remember when skater dresses were called A-line skirts? Anyways, I love this dress. It can be flattering if you're worried about that, but I love how I can just put on a pair of red shoes or boots. If you're running from work to a party, wear a cardigan over the top, add some dark rimmed glasses and you're Diana Prince! 

2. Snow White- I love the cut of this costume- when I think of Snow White, I think of overly puffy sleeves and itchy ankle length skirts. This is not too puffy of sleeves, a classic length, and looks like Snow White got a modern makeover. Add some red lipstick, carry a red apple as an accessory and you're set. 

3. Batgirl- See #1! Add a cardigan or even a thick belt to cover the Batman belt and it can be worn from work to party. And TBH, I'd wear this whether or not it was Halloween.

4. Pink Marionette- You're already a living doll! May as well go the extra step to dress up. I may be getting this one, and not just because it's pink. 

5. Sexy Ariel/Mermaid inspired- So because we're a little curvy we have to dress up as Ursula?  I think this costume is sexy without showing too much, but there's the option to show a little more if that's your thing. The fitted skirt has a metallic sheen that looks like you're under water when the light hits it. It's fun, sexy and next year maybe go as a mermaid zombie to recycle it (I saw a zombie nun costume so this doesn't sound crazy to me). Buy the skirt here, and the sexy wig here

If you don't love these costumes like I do, Torrid and Hips and Curves carry the most unique kind and I've tried their clothes and I'm happy with the quality. 

If all else fails, you can put on some cute cat ears, and a Halloween themed tee. Trick or treat! 

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