Sid Stankovits for Harveys Handbags

Sid Stankovits is a world renowned tattoo artist and I'm proud to say he's the only artist doing my tattoos (you can check out what he's done here). Funny story on how I started going to him- I met him ten years ago when I took an ex-boyfriend to his shop after I heard about his work. Obviously, the tattoos lasted longer than the ex-boyfriend. Almost a decade later and almost 50 hours of sitting his tattoo chair, I was so excited to see Sid work with Harveys, a company hand making bags made out of recyclable seat belts here in California (I've blogged about them here). I went to say hi at the release party last Friday, and even got a temporary tattoo. They had a raffle ticket and one lucky customer got a free tattoo at the end of the party done by Sid himself! I love his style- vintage Americana and it reflects well in the collaboration.

The bags are made with Harveys signature seatbelt material, so you'll know they'll last you forever. The ones pictured in the post are my personal favorite but you can see the other cleverly titled "knotical" style here