Friday Darlings

I had so much fun styling this Biggie quote print for Ninah for  her shop  last week. 

I had so much fun styling this Biggie quote print for Ninah for her shop last week. 

+ This etsy shop sells repurposed Barbie's as CEO's, scientist, and engineers. 

+ Oregon Trail on the OS system. Hello, 1995.

+  700 free e-books from UCP

+ Infographic- How a photographer can grow their business in 2014

+ Kurt Cobain's favorite albums

+ Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth guitarist) taught a poetry class 

+ Style a pink room for a boy  

+ How to Support Bloggers You Love. ASHLEE NAILED IT. 

+ I'm not much of a DIY'er, but this looks fun to keep up all seasons 

+ My favorite thing I've pinned this week- this adorable print

+ So much eye candy for my closet. 

+ Lighting tips for bloggers. This is so cool! 

+ I finally updated my About Me page. Granted, I was about five months pregnant when I took this but I had fun writing it. 

+ It's Friday, pizza night

This week has been about finding happiness in the smallest things. If I find happiness in something as a hot cup of coffee, or a rose (so lame and cheesy but it's true).  It's little things I never realized I take for granted but when you've experienced heartache, it's not just a cup of coffee. It's the best cup of coffee ever. It's not just a small rose, it's the most beautiful rose ever. I hate to admit it, but I love the optimism I have found in this pain. 

Happy Friday!