Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling. 


This Saint James shirt isn't anything special, it's actually one of my favorite shirts I've had for years. However, it's also the same shirt I was wearing when I was told about Max. The same shirt I wore on that drive back home from the hospital. This shirt has nothing to do with Max but everything to do with the pain and grief. I can't wear it without thinking about the worst of it, and I finally packed it up, along with other pregnancy clothes, and donated them. It feels good to move forward with the memory of Max and not the remembrance of pain. And when the time comes, I'll be ready to buy a new one. 

+  Grand St.- it's Pinterest but for techies! While Pinterest is flooded with florals, recipes and all things cute, Grand St. is the medium for gadgets, apps, and awesome tech toys. 


+ I've been playing with Lightroom 5 and I love it. I can't afford the VSCO presets, but this is a great alternative- Preset Love. 


+ So silly but so awesome


+ LUSH opened up a spa in NYC. It's not anything new overseas, but I hope they come to LA. 


+ "Little actions, big love".  This post has stayed with me all week and I hope this line dwells forever. 

+ If you're local, I suggest you check this out. SMH. Sign the petition and do what you can. 


+ My friend Aline introduced me to this blog. I've been discovering a lot of blogs on baby loss and understandably, most are heartbreaking. Casey writes with a fresh breath of air- hope and celebration. I feel like my blog posts about Max are grieving with me. I share my loss with you because it helps me move forward and I hope to write in a new light! Don't worry though, my grief therapist gets all the good stuff ;) 

Happy Friday!