Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling. 

I've packed up and put away Christmas 2013. I can't believe I survived it, but I did. 

I've packed up and put away Christmas 2013. I can't believe I survived it, but I did. 

 + Why can't is a dirty word sometimes  

+ How to leave a lasting legacy

+ Instant Toilet Paper Roll? That's so silly and I love it

+ Kyla Roma's blog had a makeover and wow! I want to hang out there all day. 

+ I feel dumb writing this, but I just discovered Design Love Fest. I've visited the page occasionally and looked through the photos but I actually sat down and read it this week, like a book. Bri is amazing and it's the inspiration I needed to start a new year. 

+ Photos that capture the Jersey Shore at night. SO BEAUTIFUL. 

+ I love reading about stuff no one likes to talk about, like Type 1 Diabetes. Read it here

+ It's Friday, which means it's pizza night

+ Oh, Mishka said goodbye to her blog and left me with thinking about this wise line, "it seems silly to write about my little life as though it's somehow any different from anyone else's." It made me wonder what I have to offer to my blog. When you strip away the cute photos, what am I offering you? When Max died, my life changed, so of course my blog has changed. I wanted to stop blogging but something has told me to keep going. The weird dynamic about sharing my grief on social media is people expect me to be falling apart if I mention it, or if I don't say anything, it's assumed I'm fine and have moved on. There is balance, even if it seems it doesn't exist, it's there between the keyboard. I was going to stop blogging but the hundreds of emails of received tell me otherwise. I don't know what story I have to tell, or if it's even mine to tell, but it's there. I don't know where the purpose is on this blog, but I'm still looking for it. 

Happy Friday!