A Wes Anderson Update

This is part two. Part one is here

I got a new book for Christmas, The Royal Tenenbaums screenplay in paperback. Yes, paperback! When you take away the brilliant actors, the colorful sets, and just leave yourself with your imagination and screenplay, you are left with a great story. 

It looks great on my small but grand shelf. I'm slowly collecting all the movies on the Criterion Collection. 

I was also sent a great print to add to my Royal Tenenbaums wall by Crystal of CAPow. Thank you, Crystal! I love it! I had to run out and buy a frame for it as soon as I opened it. You can see more here. 

I'm also looking forward to this 

I actually haven't gone to the movies since I had Max, I used to go everyday when I was pregnant (thanks to MoviePass and being pregnant in the summer of California, give me all the free AC). Now I have these anxiety attacks when I try to go. I'm sure there's a connection but I hope I hope I can get over that weirdness by the time this comes out in theaters. 

Enjoy your Monday!