Moorea Seal Shop

Moorea Seal, blogger and jewelry designer (if you're new to the internet) has opened up her own shop! It goes beyond selling her handmade pieces on Etsy. This is a collection of designers from home decor, fashion, and even other jewelry. My favorite part of her shop is the donation she gives to various charities. As a shopper you have a choice of not only what to add in your cart, but what cause to support. LOVE THIS IDEA. 


I especially loved my The Sorbet Scarf. I wear all black and a little color won't kill my Johnny Cash vibe with a scarf, will it? It's light enough to wear in the heat but can wear all year (you can see me wearing it here).  Each item was carefully packaged, and almost looked too pretty to open. The shipping was quick and placing my order was as easy, the navigation of the site makes you spend a few minutes on everything. 

I had the privilege to browse online and shop if I wanted to before the site launched. I loved everything. If you're familiar with her blog and her shop, you already know what to expect. If you're new, I suggest stopping by and picking up something for your space, I'm a huge fan of her home section. The whole site looks great and I'm so proud of her! Go, Moorea!