Introductions: Matt Splanger

I haven't had an Introduction series in years (when I moved from Blogger I didn't get a chance to back up photos in the archives, my apologies!) I was so impressed with artist Matt Sprangler, I had to revive the series, even just for his work. 

I frequent Wonderground, an art gallery curated by Disneyland. I always walk out buying something and I lucked out the day Matt Spangler was hosting the gallery. The nursery is robot-themed and Matt's work couldn't be discovered at a better time. I'm not sure if it was the pregnancy hormones or the heat, but as soon as I saw the piece I bought, it was one of the most sweetest things I'd seen. We have three cats and two dogs, and I want Max to be raised with the love of family and animals, and this was perfect for him. 

What inspires you:  Everything inspires me. From the way a leaf falls off a tree to someone repairing their car on the street. As an artist, I observe and report what we see through my art. I take the more literal approach to reporting and document events that are very close to being exactly what happened (walking the dog, changing a diaper, drinking beer etc).

Who Inspires you?  Scott Morse is one of my inspirations to get into painting. He is a comic book artist now working at Pixar and his style and color choices are spot on. I love how adventurous he gets with color combinations and compositions. I hear when he is working, he can move from on painting to the next in minutes and work on each as if he had been working on them for hours. Of course lately, my inspiration is my new baby, you never think something so small could provide so much entertainment.

What's you favorite drawing:  I am a huge car guy, and a child of the 80's, combine those two and you have the Delorean. This painting is entitled "Delorean and Me" and is available as a print and painting on my site.

Favorite Book: I have never been so inspired in my life as when I read Jurassic Park for the first time. That made me a huge fan of Michael Crichton as well as in science in general. Another book that I have not read since elementary school was The Indian in the Cupboard, it may not be as good as I remember it, but the way  I remember it brings me right back to being a kid.

 You're a new dad! Congrats! Any advice to new dad's out there who work freelance or work from home? Be flexible! As a new father, it is figuring it out as you go. I am fortunate at this time my wife has 3 months off, first thing we tried to do is establish a schedule. Last week, was the first week we tried to implement some sort of normal schedule and it went ok, but resulted in me working in odd sporadic hours, which as a creative person isn't ideal. Today, I feel really good, I finished my daily drawing before 9am (normal schedule) and now writing before 10! Who knows, it all could change in an mere minutes from now, but that is part of the excitement of being a parent.

Thank you Matt for your time! You can find him at the Abbot Kinney Festival on Sept. 29 and you can keep up with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and check out all the art work he has available in his shop for purchase.