Playing with Makeup

The last time I did a makeup post was 4 years ago. I was a devoted Stila user and 4 years later, I still love the brand, but I've moved on. Over the years I've grown tired of opening up my messy drawer, or buying storage to house makeup I barely use. I've found something that works for me. I threw out my old makeup, and started fresh. 


+ I use Tarte's BB 12 Hour Tinted Primer with SPF 30.  It's a great primer to start, and if I'm in a hurry, it's tinted just enough to leave as is. It's a small package but a little goes a long way. It's not oily, stays put, and gentle enough on my puffy red rosacea.   

+ For foundation, I love Tarte's Amazonian Full Coverage Clay. I have bizarre skin texture- it's sensitive, but then dry on my cheeks, and oily on my nose. This amazing foundation adjusts to my texture and leaves my skin  f l a w l e s s.  It's like photoshop in a tube. 

+ I love Tarte's Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder. A little goes a long way and it finishes off my makeup routine. It's not too matte, my face doesn't feel like it's been caked on, and it still keeps the natural glow. What I love about Tarte's makeup line- they are made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan and the packages are recycled. 

+ If you wear glasses, then you'll know sometimes they cast this terrible shadow under your eyes magnifying your wrinkles, and dark circles. This is the best concealer I've found that doesn't crease and wrinkle- Benefit's Bo-ing Concealer. I don't have plans on switching once my baby arrives, either. The texture may be light, but it covers really well and stays put. 


I love colored lips on women, the brighter the better. The tubes I'll always finish over and over are NARS Schiap, Heat Wave, and Stila's Orange Poppy.  The ones I always have in my bag are Tarte's Lip Tint. They come in matte and a gloss, take your pick! 


For eyes and blush, I try to keep it simple, one palette and one blush and that's it. Urban Decay's Naked and Korres' Blush. It may sound boring, but it works for my skin and I don't have to think twice on what looks good on me when getting ready. 


Don't forget to invest in great brushes and take care of them. The longest I've had mine is 14 years and they're still going strong. 

For makeup reviews and inspiration, I highly recommend the people below-  

 + That Is All- Ashley's Youtube channel has great reviews, they are short, informative, edited beautifully, and there's something soothing about watching all of them in a row (try it). My favorite videos are her Get Ready With Me sets. 

+ Robin Opal- Her Facebook page is engaging, leaves great tips for makeup, and if I was a bride all over again, I'd hire her in a heartbeat. 

+ Surfin' Dead- Sioux's makeup is FUN, if I was to describe her in one word. I'm not one to experiment with makeup like I used to when I was younger, but if you want fun makeup but not sure where to start or if you should buy, she reviews unconventional brands and colors. 

So there's my makeup routine! What I love best about it is all of it fits ONE box, on top of my vanity. If I can minimize this part of my life, I'm ready to do the rest of it.