Aging, Skincare and Hormones

Hormones are a funny thing. When I got pregnant, I didn't think changing my skincare regimen would be a big deal. I used LUSH products for years (favorites are here, here and here), why would I change now? Hormones happened and my skin got weird. It felt like it was constantly on fire, then I would break out from zits, at 32. I love the idea of aging- it's graceful, it's part of life and I can't wait to see where it takes me. However, if my mom is already in her 50's with no wrinkles (really!), I'm okay preventing them in the meantime. 

Danielle suggested Belli Skin Care, I'm so happy she did. My skin has never been better (not just for pregnancy and being in my early 30's). I prevented melasma and chlosma (where dark spots and patches occur on a pregnant woman's skin). Certain chemicals in what we think is okay for skin care can actually cause baby defects in pregnancy. I don't know the science behind it is, but I knew my skin negatively reacting to it was  a sign to switch. Here are my favorites for skin care below; 


 + Clarisonic Mia with Delicate Brush head- Sensitive skin, rosacea, dry patches, zits, wrinkles, and dark spots. This is what I have to go up against and the Mia brush has helped me deal with these. 

+ Josie Moran Argan Oil and Sunblock- I cannot, cannot tell you how important sunblock is at any age. Not just for preventing skin cancer, but also for preventing wrinkles. I don't use sunblock on my hands as habitually as I put it on my face, and they're a testimony to what my face would look like if I had skipped sunblock. This is a sunblock and moisturizer in one. It gives me a glow but I can still apply my primer and makeup over it without feeling greasy. There's also a smaller version here

+  Philosophy Turbo C Powder- I'm sure you know what vitamin c does for the immune system, so when applied topically, it does the same for your skin. I mix a bit of this with my sunblock and it's a super shield for the sun and environment. 

+ Belli Skin Care Tinted Sunscreen - Another sunscreen I love. It's tinted so I wear it when I'm not planning on going out and wearing a full face of makeup. 

+ Belli Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream- Pregnancy insomnia is a real thing and nobody knows I have it thanks to this eye cream. 

+  Belli Skin Care Anti-Blemish Face Wash- I have the skin of a 20 year old, thanks to this wash. It's not drying, makes my skin feel clean without feeling stripped and I love love how safe it is. 

This is the part I'm going to get preachy so stop reading if you don't want to know about it! Yes, these products are amazing and great and they make my skin better and will pace my aging for the next few years, however, the best skin cream isn't what's in a bottle, but what you put in your body. It doesn't matter how expensive your bottle is because what ultimately matters is what your diet is like. If you're eating crap, your skin will be crap. If you're eating clean, well, so will your skin.