A Wes Anderson Update

Some wonderful Wes Anderson bits around the internet-  

The Royal Tenenbaums or Luke 24

The Royal Tenenbaums or Luke 24

 + Wes Anderson Bible is a tumblr page devoted to his characters and compares them to what the Bible would say. It's hilarious if you're familiar with the Bible and Anderson's films. Also, lots of Futura going on. 

 + I found this gem in my Google Reader from Discotheque Confusion from 2008. The older I get, the more I want Ethel Tenenbaum's wardrobe and style. 


+ Thank you Violently Happy for emailing me this amazing Tumblr, Kanye Wes.  

+ This video is over a year old, but still fun to watch. If my favorite director is known for anything, it's his "from above" shots (if you're in email, you may want to jump out to watch) 

+ I just discovered The Vitamin String Quartet mastering the best of his soundtracks. If you follow me on rdio, you know I'm a huge fan of Alexandre Desplat and the Anderson movie soundtracks (my favorite is Fantastic Mr. Fox, it'll snap you out of a poor mood by the first song).  

Enjoy your weekend <3