SoCal Baby

I'm a huge supporter in all things local (or at least made in the USA with an ethical background). Of course when it comes to baby shopping, it's no different. I already have favorites and shops I'll be frequenting. 


1. Cali Shirt Splendid LA - I've blogged about how amazing Splendid LA is and I was so happy when I found out they made baby clothes. Designed and sold directly from LA, this shirt would rep the Golden State perfectly. 

2. Vans Infant Classic Slip Ons - Vans represent Southern California, all you need is a skateboard and the sun. I grew up with Vans and even blogged them on Danielle's guest blog post here to exhibit Orange County a couple years ago (nothing's changed!) 

3. Bibbitec - I first saw Bibbitec on ABC's Shark Tank and she was turned down because the investors didn't believe moms would spend money on a bib that would be made in the USA, high quality, and made of high tech fabric. She sold out that weekend and is doing great without any investors. 

4. American Apparel Infant Strip Onesie - I'll admit I was a little conflicted on featuring an AA item in an ethical friendly list for babies. It's one of the few sweat free shops with higher quality clothing, made and shipped from LA. They even offer organic cotton at a great price. When I visited the AA store in NYC, the California flag was waving proudly. 

5. Harvey's Diaper Bag  in Tough Love and Treecycle - If you're not familiar with Harvey's and you live in SoCal, where have you been?! It's a staple with women of all ages from the upper South County to the urban areas of Santa Ana. Everyone has a Harvey's bag. It's a company run by OC residents husband and wife from Santa Ana, and they make bags out of recycled, eco-friendly seat belts. They sound funny, but I'll get more people walking up to me asking about it than I do my LV bag. I did pick up the diaper bag in pink before I knew I was having a boy. I'll be the one carrying it, not him, okay?? 

6. California Baby Products - You can't have your baby running around in cool gear without the protection of the sun. Seasons barely exist in Southern California, which means sunblock almost everyday. They carry organic, earth friendly packaging and they make products devoted to babies with sensitive skin to diaper rash creams. 

For shops in the area that carry made in USA, eco-friendly, and/or organic items, these shops deserve honorable mentions- 

Rosie Posie Baby (I've actually blogged about the shop here)  

 + Bel-Bambini in Newport Beach. This is a higher end shop filled with furniture to designer baby clothes. 

+ Granola Babies in Costa Mesa. I actually went in with questions about cloth diapering and walked out with cloth diapers for the next 2 years. The staff is so helpful and so encouraging. 

 + Smocking Birds in Costa Mesa. This is a higher end boutique for only baby clothes. The owner hand picks the items herself based on what she loves and they are adorable. 

If you're not in California, don't worry, I always encourage you to support your favorite local/handmade shop. It may be a bit more in pricing but the quality and ethical standard is what I love best about shopping for baby.