Google Reader Favorites

Before Google Reader goes away, I wanted to save all the favorite posts I've "starred" throughout the years. Looking through the posts I loved was a memorable digital trip. It taught me a lot of who I was, who I (thought) wanted to be, and my tastes. It may sound intense from just blog reading but this is how we spend our time and what we digest daily says a lot about us. I "favorited" a lot of blog posts from strangers who were once friends, and now I barely talk to. Some of the bloggers I read became successful, some of them dropped off the internet, and a couple of them passed away. Their digital footprint is still there, with broken links, busted images, and motivation tips for blogging they couldn't follow but inspired others.

Pinterest and Feedburner.jpg

I learned so much through these people, and wasted hours on things that wouldn't last. Trends come and go but I realized beautiful images, classic outfit posts that still look great from 2007, an attractive writing style, and tips for making life easier is what I learned lasts.  It also made me think twice about my blog, I still have no idea what my blog is about but it certainly won't be about neon or whatever terrible trend I favorited like crazy back in 2010. 

I made a Pinterest board on some of my favorites. I'll be adding more, but follow along here. Do you have favorites you're saving somewhere? I'd love to read them. The best of internet comes out in times like these. 


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