The Silver Anniversary

Scott mentioned to me it was our last day as a couple on Valentine’s Day. I was sick, throwing up on what would be our last. I don't know if it was hormones, or exhaustion but I was overcome with uncontrollable ugly crying. We've had 5 years together to grow as a couple, individually, and share our lives. We traveled the world, the country, and build a home and company together. I instantly felt like i didn't do enough in our marriage. Did I work too hard? Was i on my phone too much? Did we not spend enough time alone?  He did comfort me saying it was amazing time being married to me and it was time to grow a family, but there's a part of me I felt I could have done more.

This year was a big five year wedding anniversary, and it was not what I was expecting, but everything I needed. I didn't want to celebrate to pay to stay somewhere stuck indoors, with a better view of what lunch looks like in pieces than the outside view. It was a quiet day, and Scott and I celebrated not only being married five years, but being soon to be parents. We knew it was our last anniversary together and we weren't distracted by long flights, touristy views, and being exhausted from hours of walking in a new city. Instead, we just had each other's company and good conversation. I felt like this is how I could do more. To just be there. 

I got Scott this hip Ju-Ju Be diaper bag, it'll come in handy in a few months. For those mentioning the dress I'm wearing, I actually got this skater dress on Amazon also. I just wear a bodysuit underneath and I can avoid the polyester. It's one of my favorite dresses and I'm thinking of going up a couple sizes during maternity. So yeah, we're that couple now, giving each other baby gifts for baby instead of for us. It's honestly one of my favorite anniversaries, and I'm grateful to quietly share it with Scott.