The Fear of Vibrant Color

Every once in awhile, I'll walk into my pink kitchen and this overwhelming fear will hit me- did I do too much pink? Is it too bright? What did I do to my kitchen? Then I realize it's just the small voice of doubt in my head. It usually happens after I viewed an hour of decor pins on Pinterest. Most of the walls are safe- white, or beige (or that awful gray-ige color combining gray and beige). Kitchen cabinets look like a uniformed stale showcase from a warehouse. That's not to say they aren't beautiful, but just not my style. Just like my pink kitchen or my lime green office door, and my navy blue living room isn't your style.

Over the time living in my home, I've felt a sense of fear lifted more and more. If I can begin with one can of paint, it's a stepping stone to so much more. (you can view more of my home here


Apartment Therapy recently had a great article on the fear of color. I wish I could quote half of it, but I recommend the read. "White is great when it's a color amongst other colors, but when it's meant only to contain, suppress, and keep other colors at bay, you may want to resist its temptation. Our lives aren't "pure" and "perfect," and our homes don't have to be either."

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