Locals Only; El Guacho

I'm not Catholic or Argentinian. The talk of a new Pope from Argentina this week makes me think of empanadas, an Argentinian calzone-like pastry filled with savory tastes. I remember only having them once when I was younger, but I suddenly had this overwhelming craving. 

I tried some suggestions when I asked online (thank you!), but they didn't hit the spot. I forgot Calikatrina (one of my long-time favorite IG'ers) is Argentinian. After asking her (although in my head it was more like a beg) she recommended El Gaucho Meat Market. What seems like a tiny lot in Anaheim, is filled with delicious food and ethnic cuisine. This isn't a foodie paradise where the menu is beautiful and the presentation is equally amazing. No, this is a styrofoam and lopsided menu type of place. It may not be the place to take a ton of Instagram pics to share, but you'll be swooned by your food anyways. 

i had to bring out the heart plates, because it's a delicious occasion 

i had to bring out the heart plates, because it's a delicious occasion 

When I walked in, there was a line almost out the door. The most popular order? The empanadas! They offer spinach, chicken, beef, and ham and cheese. This is only a small corner of the store. If you want genuine Argentinian empanadas, El Gaucho is the place to get them. 

El Gaucho

847 S State College Blvd

Anaheim, CA 92806

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