Birthday Wish List

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm sharing my birthday wish list from one of my favorite shops, Emerging Thoughts. 

The Polka Dot socks from Basel are adorable. I'm suffering from morning sickness (ugh, still) and the best view I'll have is of my feet. Why not make them cute while I'm lounging? They would look really cute peeking out of my Doc's, too. 

Polka Dot vinyl wall for a nursery!! This photo is actually from Ashley's bedroom but I fell in love with the idea.

Photo credit to  Ashley  

Photo credit to Ashley 

Cat Tattoos are a great way to look like a bad ass with a kitty on my hands or face. I've always wanted a face or hand tattoo since I'll never work in a library again, or ever get a job as a bank teller. 



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