Why I Love Squarespace

I began blogging 10+ years ago on Live Journal. It was fun but I wanted to be taken more a serious blogger (ha!) so I moved to Blogger. At the time, Blogger was just starting out and it was easier to navigate. Fast forward a few years later, there were bloggers who had issues with Blogger- blogs were disappearing, being hacked, and the new (at the time) dashboard was confusing. 

oh, look I'm blogging...on a typewriter...

oh, look I'm blogging...on a typewriter...

There were a lot of changes I didn’t like with Blogger so I moved to Wordpress. Wordpress is a professional blogging site for the coding pros, and I quickly realized I am not a pro. Thankfully, I work with a great designer, Sophie. I wanted to change over to Squarespace to make it easier on myself. I work with a group of 6+ tech enthusiasts on Gadchick and even with their experience with coding, they were frustrated. 

I don’t want this to be an anti-Wordpress post, it really isn’t. Wordpress is a learning curve, something I didn’t have time for. If you really want to learn it, I suggest taking Allie’s Wordpress online class, and just like any topic, keep learning and reading about it. 

I love Squarespace because it’s easy. There is no separate hosting, backups needed, ftp issues, and I rely on flickr so much for photo hosting, it’s another small worry something may happen on flickr (like The Paper Mama’s recent fiasco- even when she’s a paid pro member, half her photos were gone, which means half her blog posts were gone). Coding is easy- a pro can do some major design work on any level as well as a noob. Or you can just use their easy HTML format, which is reminiscent of old LJ days. I use Squarespace for Gadchick, and I can have multiple users at once. 

Another benefit is Squarespace Commerce. I gave up selling on Etsy but if I ever decide to sell prints, Squarespace is a great option. It also has an iPhone and iPad app, one of the many reasons I stopped blogging as often because I’m more mobile than ever. This is a huge benefit for me. 

So there it is. If you guys have more questions, please comment below and I’ll be happy to help out as much as I can. I hope this answers some questions! Sign up for Squarespace here and there’s even a coupon for sign up!

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