Work with our city lights in 2014

I've been blogging for 10 years and have occasionally dabbled in the sponsoring for a couple months at at time. I've never been contacted so many times by companies in 2013, but I turned most of them down. Mainly because if it wasn't something I'd love for myself, I couldn't do it for my readers either. I was also planning on being a SAHM and I couldn't commit myself to a full time blog plus being a new mom. We all know that changed. So I'm going to take the potential I have as a blogger and move forward with it. I've never had sponsors on my side bar because I think it takes away from my content but I'm open to the idea if I believe in your brand. Mainly, I would love to do sponsored posts, giveaways, Instagram integration, and I have a highlighted page for "current endorsements". If you want to learn more about me and this blog, read it here. I'd love to work with you and grow your business in 2014, let's connect! email me-

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