How To Make Your Blowout Last Longer!

How To Make Your Blowout Last from Christmas to New Year's Day

The holidays are coming and most of us are going to get our hair professionally done, or take the time at home to do it. The first day always looks amazing but the next day can determine if it's going to make it from Christmas to New Year's Day. After working in a salon for 10 years, and getting my hair professionally blown out weekly, here are the tips to make that perfect hair day go longer. 

+ Use a silk pillowcase- Cotton pillowcases have perks, but when it comes to hair and skin, a silk pillowcase always wins. It causes less friction for hair, which overtime can benefit your hair (and wallet) by going to the salon less for split ends. It also doesn't absorb moisture like cotton. All that shine you just added to your hair to make it look like a hair commercial? It's all soaked up in the cotton pillowcase. Get a silk pillowcase.

+ Use hot rollers. I think most people will pick up a curling iron before they remember the classic hot roller set. I love hot rollers, they're easy to set...leave them in when watching an episode on Netflix, take them out and you're done. Keep in mind the smaller the hot roller, the more control you'll have on your curl--same with the amount of hair you roll. My favorite set is a cheapie set from Remington I've had for years. They're great for small storage spaces but are powerful little guys to control my thick long hair. 

+ Learn to use dry shampoo- Dry shampoo is amazing, I can do a long blog post on it. It absorbs moisture and oils and can extend the length of your style. I suggest to learn it because you can easily use too much and ruin your 'do, or worse, stain your fingers. I use 2 different types- the cult classic Batiste spray at home and Green Rootine powder for travel. 

+ Go light on the product- Tell your hairstylist you want it to last and if she's as thoughtful as mine is, she'll go easy on the product. Too many styling products have oils that can be your blowout's worst enemy. 

+ Replace your brush with a comb- Brushing hair distributes your natural oils evenly, but it also flattens your blowout. If you must brush your hair, use a wide tooth comb cautiously. 

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+ Get a healthy alternative to a Brazilian Blowout- I don't recommend the actual Brazilian Blowout. I can't imagine anyone's hair (or lungs) can take it. Most salons offer a keratin treatment, it's much healthier for your hair, cheaper, and still has the godsend of a treatment. It controls frizz, adds a striking shine, and your hairstylist will thank you because it cuts back on the blowdry time. 

Use a silk scarf underneath your shower cap- I noticed over the years, no matter how new my shower cap is, my hair still comes out smelling like plastic. If you're not going to wash your hair, wrap it in a silk scarf before putting that stinky shower cap on. It will add shine to your hair with the steam and your fresh salon scent will be in tact. 

+ Buy a texture spray or balm- If you have hair that has a hard time holding volume, I recommend a spray, but if your can hair take a little oil like mine, a balm has the benefit of adding shine. Texture spray adds mega volume and you'll need this towards the end of your blow out days. I love this spray from Bumble&Bumble and this balm from Yarok

+ Schedule your workouts around your blowdry appointments- Yes, it sounds shallow but if I'm going to pay someone to style my hair, I want it to last. I get my hair done Thursdays evenings and take Friday and Saturday off from heavy sweaty workouts. The style lasts all week and my hair doesn't stink! 

I know these are just tips I've learned over the years, but I'm always interested to learn new things! Tell me your favorites. 

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