Best of 2013, Music

The older I get, the more shameless I get about what I like. I would never admit to liking certain music because punk rock teenage Diana would be too embarrassed. Now, I have no shame on my love for Kelly Clarkson, 90's pop music and listening to Christmas music in July. This year my favorite music may not have been all from 2013, but I listened to it the most because it never gets old. 

+ Ellie Goulding's Halcyon is radio-friendly pop. It could be very much overproduced but I love listening to it. It's easy to listen to, I can work out to it, but i could also sleep to it. Her voice is shared with hyped up synth notes, and though not the best lyrical poet, she makes this album work for her and I love it. 

+ Hillsong United We are Young and Free  If you're familiar with Hillsong, you know Hillsong has had a complete musical makeover. It's not longer the conventional church music. I know a handful of atheists friends who love this album. It's such an enthusiastic album of dance-pop-electro live music. If my life were being celebrated in one album, this would be it! 

+ Birdy s/t Birdy is an American teenager with a voice to threaten the musicians she covers. She makes Bon Iver's Skinny Love sound better than his own version and Phoenix's pop 1901 is dark and moody. The whole album sounds like something that would be playing in your dream or nightmare, but either way it sounds good. 

+ We Bought a Zoo soundtrack So this is an old soundtrack and it's just a copy of Jonsi's album with the exception of one Sigur Ros (which is pretty much all Jonsi anyways). I listened to this album so much during my hypnobirth practice. It makes me remember Max, my pregnancy and helps me relax. It's one of my favorites of the year for this reason. 

+ The honorable mentions are Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album (seriously, it's a game changer), and Citizens self titled album.  You can follow more music here and here. I'd love to know what you have on your best of list for music. 

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