Best of 2013; Instagram

I know I've said this before, but after working years on my blog, Instagram could very easily kill it for me. It's instant micro-blogging and lately I've seen more and more bloggers cut off their blogs and post longer captions as an alternative. I love this little blog and even though I didn't blog much for 2013 (yet, it was my most successful sponsor-wise, weird) I have big plans for 2014. Below are the most popular photos from 2013 my Instagram feed. 

+ I also love this photo. I came from a long walk at the local farmer's market. If you're in Anaheim, you must try the homemade lemonade and the florists. They're cheap and the quality is amazing. 

+ This was taken at South Coast Plaza, a mall miles away from Disneyland. Why in the world would they carry Disneyland balloons is confusing but it made for a pretty photo

+ I wasn't going to have Thanksgiving this year but if it was small with close family, I needed them more than ever on that day so I did Thanksgiving my own way- with pink! I spray painted the chairs, had lots of pink roses, and paper plates with plastic cups. Judge away, but it felt good not doing dishes! 

+ Starbucks has a secret menu and it included the Cotton Candy frap. If I think something is beautiful, even a coffee drink, I'll style it. 

+ This photo was surprisingly popular. This was on Halloween. Earlier that day we had a memorial to bury Max's ashes. It was a great day to say goodbye to him. Later on that day we changed into our Hello Apparel Halloween tee's and passed out candy to kids. 

+ Apparently people love Hobby Lobby

+ and pink Christmas trees. 

+ These are my favorites that didn't make the cut. I had fun styling photos and this was my favorite, Scott sporting his new haircut and new sweatshirt, my favorite belly photo, and Aline flying her first kite! 


+ I also discovered some great people on Instagram. Below are my faves for this year

catalinaneal  The flowers and arrangements in this feed make me feel something so deep when I see them. They are beautiful and I think you will love them too. 

livylovestorun Diana Smith is a mom, designer and runner. She documents her healthy habits and family life. I'm not a runner but I'm a big fan of personal transformation. I love her discipline and watching her goals constantly being met. 

iartu_jennifer If my dreams came to life, it would be Jennifer's instagram feed. I never thought I'd love a feed with such eerie, beautiful, and fun photos (I also never thought I'd mention eerie and fun in the same sentence). She's a traveling photographer and snaps her adventures. 

karalinaluna Kara is a baker and her feed makes me dust off my Kitchenaid mixer and bake. There's all kinds of beautiful food in her feed from soup for breakfast, homemade jam to DIY body scrubs. 

Thanks for letting me share, I hope you love them as much as I do.