Best of 2013; Blog Posts

I didn't blog that much this year, but I noticed one thing when I did blog- it wasn't fluff (for me at least). It was genuine blog posts I really wanted to share, whether it was a photo, a trip to the beach, a brand, or even a product review. I grew through looking back at mostly failures (so many blogging failures) but I owned up to them, learned from them for the better and moved on. Below are my favorite blog posts for 2013, failures and all.

+ Sunny Side Up- cupcakes and the beach. What else is there to say? 

+ Unshelved- I wanted to be so cool and said I read all the books, but nope. 

+ The Fear of Vibrant Color- there's more to my kitchen than a can of pink paint.

+ Encouraging It Forward- A visit to the donut shop turned out to be so much sweeter.

+ What I've Learned Through Social Media- The internet is a different type of animal you're dealing with and this was what I've learned to take control of it. 

+ Spawning- I talk about body issues and pregnancy and realized those issues don't exist when you're growing a new human. 

+ Blog Posts I Regret-  Let's look at my blogging fails, shall we? 

The blog post that didn't make the cut? Making this pie. I had such high hopes for it, but my oven thought otherwise. The before and after says it all. 

ooh, so instagram-y

ooh, so instagram-y

no, not so much

no, not so much

+ Normally I list off my favorite blog posts of the year from other blogs, and as much as I loved them, pinned them for future use, none of them hit home like this one, a guest post from A Cup of Jo. I have it bookmarked. It was at a time I couldn't bring myself to write about Max and I feel like the author really wrote everything for me. It's inspiring, heartbreaking, and reminds me to be okay. Like maybe 2014 will be okay. 

Link me your favorite own blog posts for your 2013, I'd love to read them. 



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