Greedy WishList 2013

Every year I have a greedy wish list, and they're usually tangible items I want. This year I'm going to change some things around and add not only beautiful things to my life, but moments that will benefit me as well. Here is my wish list for 2010, 2011, 2012 and read on for 2013. 

greedy wishlist 2013.jpg

1. Gold Twist Scarf from Emerging ThoughtsI love this for a bracelet, or to jazz up messy hair days. 

2. Pink extension cord by Coleman.  Indoor or outdoor, if I'm going to have extension cords around the house, I may as well make the most of it (pink!) 

3. Nike Dunk Sky High Vac Tech in pink. If you've been reading my blog for a few years, you know I love ugly shoes. The uglier the better and these don't compromise on the ugly. They also come in mint and yellow

4. Boring is Best sweatshirt from Stay at Home Club. Who am I kidding? I love staying home and doing "boring" things. Let's crack open a new book and get cozy. 

5. Olive oil decanter by MOZI. I've been cooking a lot Mediterranean meals lately and I'll admit the dark bottle from Costco is an eyesore in my bright kitchen and I don't like to keep on my counter. This is a great bottle to show off and keep at your convenience. 

6. Pure Barre at home collection. If I could ask for one thing over any of these items, it would be the gift of health. After a 25 hour painful labor, plus a 12 week recovery, I don't have the stamina to keep up with my old Pure Barre class. I would love to do something at home to go at my own pace. The plus would be getting back to my pre-baby body, but I honestly just want to walk around the block without getting winded. 

7. Lightroom 5 by Adobe. I love iPhoto but I want a little more than what Apple has to offer. I would love Lightroom and with VSCO Film packs for Lightroom, it's an even better reason to step up my photo organizing and editing. 

8. Take a floral arrangement class. I love flowers but I know there's a little more to just trimming them and sticking them in a vase. After all the flower arrangements that arrived at my home the week Max was born, I was surrounded by beautiful arrangement for days and felt so spoiled. I would love to learn how to put something together. Photo credit is from Piece of Cake/Peace of Mind's beautifully arranged flowers. 

I know this year was hard, but realistically, none of these things will make my heart heal faster. I really just want peace, and that's something I can't unwrap. Pretty things make for a great distraction and I have a ton more on Pinterest if you'd like to follow along.