The Fireplace

I loved the idea of having a fireplace when I moved into our place, but just not a very 80's looking one (apologies if you love that look, but seriously, WHY). We wanted something to look as old as the house, so we hired a tile contractor who designs historical homes. It was perfect what he picked out (he did our kitchen, and he also did our guest bathroom, which I'd love to share later). The neutral colors go with our dark space and highlight Kate Gabrielle's print. It's the perfect print to inspire our library nook, it's my favorite spot in the house right now. It's so COZY. 

Kate Gabrielle Print

We are really happy with Tim. If you're in the area, give him a call! (714) 272-6386. He seriously does a great job with a better price. I'll be sharing more before and after pics of our space. Whether you own a home, a fancy loft, a tiny cabin, or a cozy apartment spot, doing what works best for you is exciting.