Goodbye, 2012

Open shades always put me in a good mood

I never in my life thought "fear" + "blogging" would go together. My posts lately have been sloppy, vague and disconnecting. I can't seem to jump from heart to keyboard like I used to. There were a lot of life changes in 2012 that happen too fast to share, or just too personal to post. Sometimes we confuse change with sadness and I think 2012 was the year I needed to realize this. Change is good, but if you're not aware of it, the shifting can be masked in the veil of depression. Don't let that happen to you. 

That's not to say 2012 wasn't amazing, it was, even with incidents that changed our lives. I travelled to Paris, New York, Chicago, and went on a train trip across country. It was also a year of success for our family. My husband's company turned into a corporation, my job took me to my first conference representing them, and my freelance opportunities grew. It was a year of letting go of people who broke my heart, a year of rekindling friendships I've known for decades, and appreciating the people I had in my life. 

It was a year of health. After struggling with weight for a few years, I finally found what works for me. It was a year of inspiration and the blogging community couldn't have been a bigger part of it. It was also the year of Instagram. How in the forth did I grow to 5k followers in a year?!

I think 2013 is going to be amazing, even with a little bit of fear, but that's okay. What fun would it be if it didn't have any? As Melly says, "Fell for one too many inspiring-quotes-turned-into-pretty-typography-posters. Now it’s up to me." 

Happy New Year

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