Nobody Cares About Your Juicing Cleanse

Well, except me. and Ritual Wellness. I'm a believer in the power of juicing and what it can do to transform your life. I'm also a firm believer in the power of convenience. Depending on what you're making, sometimes it takes a little bit more than just throwing produce in the blender and call it a juice. If you're in a hurry, Ritual Cleanse is a great alternative. 

Ritual Wellness

The holidays were fun, but I'm sure the food tasted better. Now it's time to detox those cookies, cakes, and greasy meats. Fruit cake doesn't count, either. 

A detox is in order and if you're tight on time, rarely carry a Vitamix in your purse, Ritual Wellness is amazing. I was a little shocked by the prices but by the time I added up the organic veggies I would buy, and my time, Ritual Cleanse was the same price. They also don't use a regular blender. I had no idea how a non-pulp juice would fill me up, but it did. The way the juice their produce will have a shelf life of 3 days, and the packages are bio-degradable. Ritual Wellness uses the abundant organic produce California has to offer, and you can taste it. 

Ritual Wellness

For you sweets lovers, if you think a detox is too much, there's also a chocolate flavored one with organic cacao. It was amazing but my personal favorite was the pineapple mint lemonade. It's Summer bottled up. 

Ritual Wellness

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Let’s get the Blogger FTC disclosure out of the way- this is a sponsored post from Ritual Wellness and I was asked to review juices of my choosing.