Sweater Weather

Let’s get the Blogger FTC disclosure out of the way- this is a sponsored post from GigaSavvy and I was asked to review a coat of my choosing. I have a really hard time finding a coat. I don't like anything too trendy, but I also want something that fits and flatters my curves, any small amount of bulky fabric makes a big difference when I feel like I have enough "bulk". I found this Nine West Coat. It's warm enough to wear alone, but cool enough for a California winter. What I loved best about this coat were the details. It was pure wool, but the contrast stitching, the buttons, the strong collar, the rouched back, and of course, the color block (is this still a thing? I hope so because I don't want this trend to go). The two colors are completely neutral alone, but together, they make a perfect combo to go with anything.




coat 6

I wore this to the Hollywood Bowl and I got a few compliments. However, when I wore it out to run errands, I've never been approached by so many women, and yeah it was flattering but I'm really awkward and shy so. They were all surprised at the brand, and especially the price. It looks like a rich coat, and something I'll be wearing for many cozy cool days. Thank you, GigaSavvy!